(pneuma: spirit, breath of life)


We strive to achieve the most natural-looking enhancements to accentuate our client’s innate beauty. We want everyone to look like themselves, only better.

uniquely focused

To achieve mastery, Numa is solely focused on the art of facial aesthetics.


Customer service is our priority. We are here to serve each and every client with the utmost integrity, compassion, and respect. We are honest and true in our passion for improving the lives of every individual who walks through our doors.


We believe that injecting is an art that requires special gifts. These gifts can only be honed through intensive and on-going training. Our team has taken Numa’s “Forever a Student Oath”, committing themselves to a life-time search for new knowledge and skills that will make them better providers in the field of aesthetics.

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Before any procedure we begin with a consultation to determine the best solution to achieve your desired look. Send us a message to start the conversation!